Corporate Summary

NATECH Environmental Services Inc is a progressive consulting engineering firm based in Atlantic Canada.  The firm was founded in 1993.  We specialize in protecting the environment from wastewater discharges.  Our range of consulting and engineering services includes:

  • Measuring or predicting quantities and qualities of wastewater
  • Designing wastewater treatment systems, including engineered wetlands, lagoons, septic systems and mechanical package plants
  • Designing wastewater discharge systems, either into the ground or into receiving water bodies
  • Assessing the assimilative capacity of receiving streams and any residual impact
  • Developing mitigative measures for impacted streams and lakes

As part of our services, we routinely deal with related issues, such as drinking water and solid waste, we prepare topographic maps, survey sites and define the bathymetry of water bodies.

We utilize a wide range of resources, including:

  • Well trained and experienced staff
  • Specialists from outside of the company
  • State of the art computer technology to run hydrotechnical and water quality models
  • Modern monitoring and surveying equipment
  • In-house laboratory equipment for testing and feasibility studies
  • Survey boats equipped with echo sounders, current meters, GPS, and dye sensors to characterize water bodies

Company Philosophy

We are committed to assist our clients in their efforts to improve our communities and surrounding environments. We use innovative approaches to solve our client’s problems in a cost efficient manner. We go the extra mile to ensure that projects get completed on time, on budget, and to the highest standard of quality.

We try to lead by example in terms of sustainable development, using modern technologies to save energy and to clean wastewater.  We have designed and built a new state of the art office building closer to Fredericton.  By choosing that location, we are reducing the emission of green house gases because our employees have shorter travelling distances.  We also encourage car pooling and the future use of electric cars (electrical outlets are already in place on the outside walls).  The new building has incorporated the following sustainable design features:

  • ICF wall construction to provide the best possible insulation
  • Triple pane window glazing with low emission, argon filled windows and doors
  • Insulation under the floor slab under the building to minimize heat loss
  • In-ground geo-thermal heating to reduce fossil fuel consumption
  • Installation of a heat recovery unit
  • Passive solar design, to maximize passive solar heating and to enable us to install photo voltaics and solar hot water heaters at a later date
  • Reflective roofing to reduce heat absorption of the roof
  • Usage of low energy lighting, with dual switching to reduce power consumption
  • The effluent from our office complex is treated in a engineered wetland, to increase habitat and recharge the aquifer.  The wetland is designed to blend into the surrounding environment

Since we believe in supporting our local communities,  we hired local suppliers and installers as much as possible.

Our office’s energy efficiency was recognized by Efficiency New Brunswick’s Smart Start.